Daily Art September 2015

On the 1st of September I decided to join in with a project that my local comics making group was doing to create a new drawing every day. I’ve long wanted to create comics, but I struggle to make time to draw and know that the only way I’ll be successful is if I can make drawing an automatic part of my daily routine. In the past I’ve managed to do impressive work when drawing every day but then found it extremely challenging transitioning to doing the same thing on a less frequent basis.

It’s now the end of the month and I’ve successfully drawn something of varying quality and effort every day of the month. What’s important is that I’ve managed to do it, and by drawing something every day, I’ve drawn two pieces of quality digital art when I previously last managed to finish one in January.

Here’s a tiled image showing examples of something I drew every day:
Daily Art September 2015

As most of these are only archived on Twitter, I thought I’d collect all the relevant tweets here so they can be found more easily in the future.

Tuesday the 1st

Wednesday the 2nd

Thursday the 3rd


Friday the 4th

Saturday the 5th

(This did involve quite a bit of manually redrawing textures)

Sunday the 6th

Monday the 7th

Tuesday the 8th

Wednesday the 9th

Thursday the 10th

Friday the 11th

Saturday the 12th

Sunday the 13th

Monday the 14th

Tuesday the 15th

Wednesday the 16th

Thursday the 17th

Friday the 18th

Saturday the 19th

Sunday the 20th

Monday the 21st

Tuesday the 22nd

(And then I noticed a major mistake in that, final fixed version of Hand Mines with the layers in the right order)

Wednesday the 23rd

Thursday the 24th

Friday the 25th

Saturday the 26th

Sunday the 27th

Monday the 28th

Tuesday the 29th

Wednesday the 30th


Author: Quarries and Corridors

Nat from Nottingham. A 30-something Doctor Who and media sci-fi and fantasy fan, digital artist, filker, former podcaster and current IT professional. Editor of Practical Androgyny and Bridging The Rift.

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