Daily Art October 2015

After starting daily art on the 1st of September and successfully drawing every day in September, I’ve continued the habit and drawn for all 31 days of October too. I was initially trying to challenge myself to draw people but I found that was making the need to draw a bit overwhelming and I was procrastinating or avoiding it, so I switched back to drawing whatever I felt like – mostly things related to TV shows or films I’d been watching.

Again, the art’s very variable in quality and many would’ve benefited from more time being spent on them or a ‘second draft’, but I’m very happy with the achievement of keeping this going for 2 months and I even made a comic on the 8th! I think I’m also getting better at drawing what I was aiming for on the first try and much more comfortable with non-digital art. Next month I think I’d like to experiment with more digital art techniques, and hopefully actually make some more progress with my planned comic.

Here’s a tiled image showing examples of something I drew every day:
Daily Art October 2015

As with last month, here’s a collection of all the relevant tweets so you can see full, larger and alternative versions and so these images can be found more easily in the future.

Thursday the 1st – Day 31

Friday the 2nd – Day 32

Saturday the 3rd – Day 33

Sunday the 4th – Day 34

Monday the 5th – Day 35

Tuesday the 6th – Day 36

Wednesday the 7th – Day 37

Thursday the 8th – Day 38

Drawn at Nottingham Hackspace…

Friday the 9th – Day 39

Saturday the 10th – Day 40

I ordered mechanical pencils after the Colony Sarff comic suffered from lack of precision in the pencils used.

Sunday the 11th – Day 41

Monday the 12th – Day 42

Tuesday the 13th – Day 43

Wednesday the 14th – Day 44

Thursday the 15th – Day 45

Friday the 16th – Day 46

Saturday the 17th – Day 47

Sunday the 18th – Day 48

Drawn at Nottingham Hackspace…

Monday the 19th – Day 49

(This actually involved lots of drawing on textures, more than I’d done on some other days, even.)

Tuesday the 20th – Day 50

Wednesday the 21st – Day 51

Thursday the 22nd – Day 52

Friday the 23rd – Day 53

Saturday the 24th – Day 54

Sunday the 25th – Day 55

Monday the 26th – Day 56

Tuesday the 27th – Day 57

Wednesday the 28th – Day 58

Thursday the 29th – Day 59

Friday the 30th – Day 60

Saturday the 31st – Day 61


Author: Quarries and Corridors

Nat from Nottingham. A 30-something Doctor Who and media sci-fi and fantasy fan, digital artist, filker, former podcaster and current IT professional. Editor of Practical Androgyny and Bridging The Rift.

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