Nottingham Cafe Sci “Thinking about Neurodevelopmental conditions in adulthood”

Yesterday I attended the Nottingham Café Scientifique talk “Thinking about Neurodevelopmental conditions in adulthood” given by Dr Jo Jones, Psychologist based at the NHS Nottingham City Asperger Service aka NCAS. I live tweeted the event and then later developed these tweets into a more detailed report using the free service Storify.

As NCAS is the service where I was diagnosed and where I’ve been seeing various specialists for over a year (although not Jo), and as the talk was very interesting and very much within the ‘autistic spectrum and its overlaps’ remit of this site. I thought I’d share the summary I made here. It’s easily as long and taken as much work as a typical blog post.

Author: Nat themself

Nat from Nottingham. A 40-year-old wonky distracted multiply-neurodivergent agender sci-fi and fantasy fan, filker, sometimes podcaster and IT professional. Sings, draws stuff, gives talks. Editor of Practical Androgyny and co-host of Autistic Flappy Hour podcast.

One thought on “Nottingham Cafe Sci “Thinking about Neurodevelopmental conditions in adulthood””

  1. Thank you so much for writing out your thoughts and highlighting these ideas and other people’s opinions on them further! You made them perfectly clear 🙂

    This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I am really really thinking about right now and want to see further discussion on so much. I will have to check out danda, I have not heard of this before but it sounds very much like something that would really resonate with my personal opinions on the use of labeling/defining/understanding traits. I’m planning a (far too short) comic at the moment about sexuality (or I guess really asexuality) and how it fits in with my personal opinions on understanding labels or using them to reinforce identity. I think now I’ll have to either link to this when I post the comic or at least go back to it so I can think about all this further :3
    I want to write more but I need to think through all the points made, so so interesting, I’m gonna have to go to talk like this some time!


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